Gnu Screen Status Bar

December 20, 2011

If you live in a terminal, you are likely using Gnu Screen.

This is a pretty cool way to set a status bar at the bottom of your unix screen session. Add this to your screenrc file (one line):

[dennis@caffeinatedcode ~]% vim .screenrc

caption always "%{=b dw}:%{-b dw}:%{=b dk}[ %{-b dw}%{-b dg}$USER%{-b dw}@%{-b dg}%H %{=b dk}] [ %= %?%{-b dg}%-Lw%?%{+b dk}(%{+b dw}%n:%t%{+b dk})%?(%u)%?%{-b dw}%?%{-b dg}%+Lw%? %{=b dk}]%{-b dw}:%{+b dw}:"