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Just a place where I can put things I found helpful or noteworthy.

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Photo of Dennis MojadoHi, my name is Dennis Mojado. I'm a curious and continually fascinated software engineer. I specialize in Internet applications and networked systems, having worked in the tech industry for over 16 years. I currently work in the greater Sacramento area as a Software Engineering Manager. Prior to this, I served various roles in Silicon Valley companies in engineering leadership, site reliability, systems security, and coding lots of interesting applications.

I've helped build startups that still profit and help people today, survived the early 2000's "dot-bomb" while helping companies succeed, saved organizations millions of dollars by being on-call, and have traveled internationally in the name of the mobile revolution.

Here's my resume.

Outside of office life, I am known for old school (film) photography, gelatin silver printmaking; I love producing electronic music, strive at long distance running, and rock climbing (although I fail at both); enjoy camping, riding a Harley, field recording, and of course, writing caffeinated code.

If your mobile phone has a QR Code reader, here is my contact info in a vCard.Dennis Mojado's vcard

The time has come for a resurgence of caffeinated code!

About Caffeinated Code

Photo of network cablingCaffeinatedcode.com started out in early 2000 as a router/webserver personal project hosted at home using a CyberMax tower PC on a static DSL connection. It was pre-wiki, but was intended to be a repository of easily forgotten information: Solaris x86 configuration notes, Oracle admin SQL scripts, unix shell scripts, java code snippets; and also stored some disaster recovery utilities for easy accessibility.

Nowadays, this is my main personal application server and contains production releases of my tinkerings and non-work projects.

This site's original About page read:

Sipping my coffee, I thought, "Man, this is some intense caffeinated code!". The idea stuck and within a day, caffeinatedcode.com was registered.

Caffeinated Code once resided on a fairly buff system in a high-availability colocation facility. It was a FreeBSD appserver in The RealSoonNow.net Colo Cooperative, a co-op run by an inventive group of former UC Berkeley coworkers.

It now runs on its own cloud instance.