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Dennis Mojado - Interwebs Guy


dennis [--admin] [--contributor] [--engineer] [--leader] [--other] [--sre]


I'm a technologist with seasoned skills in application development, system administration, and engineering leadership.

I have over 20 years experience leading technical teams and building Internet applications for technology and financial organizations.


-a, --admin

Because sysadmins don't want to do everything. Well-versed in server configuration, management, and deployment in stand-alone and clustered environments. Proficiency in the following types of systems and services:

* Web, application, mail, database, firewall, router, irc, VCS.

-c, --contributor

See also:

-e, --engineer

Experienced in Python, Java, C, C++, Perl, JavaScript in large scale web applications; likewise adept at unix environments, databases, racked server maintenance and management, geo-redundant incremental backup, disaster recovery, virtual containers, cloud deployments, network management, and mobile development.

-l, --leader

Led software engineers and project managers in rapid-delivery environments.
Capable and proven in: managing pre-sales, integration, customer support relationships; providing mentorship and design direction in technical, project delivery, and career development areas; managing systems security and high-availability systems.

Familiar with the Agile development methodology Experienced with product management, sprint planning, release management, QA coordination, and post-launch systems site reliability.

Known for fostering team environments that are fun, high-performing, loyal, responsible, reliable, results-oriented, and innovative. (References available.)

-o, --other

Wherever I work, leadership of informal interest groups inadvertently follows. Founder of groups in the companies where I've worked, including:

* The Peer Pressure Running Club (PPC)
* Ham Radio Groups
* Electrical Engineering DIY Group
* Moartini Friday
* Motorcyclists and Canyon Carving Group
* Cryptography Technologies Interest Group

Member of the Sacramento Metro Fire CERT, Silicon Valley Web Java User Group (SV Web JUG), Silicon Valley Google Technology User Group (SV-GTUG), Silicon Valley Android Developers Group, and Open Web App Security Project (OWASP).


* Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  (ISC)2 #319341 granted in 2008, renewed in 2011 and 2014.

-s, --sre

Site Reliability program, uptime SLA manager. Reliability is feature 1™.
Keep your focus on maintaining a highly-reliable site or service, so your customers will experience the least disruptions possible.


* VSP Vision Care

- Senior Manager, Web Applications
- Manage the company's public-facing websites and mobile applications
- Deployment of Mobile Applications in iOS and Android
- Insurance and Markets line of business

* PowerSchool

- Senior Software Engineering Manager, Compliance Technology
- Managing State Reporting Customizations for 18 states and 2 provinces in the Central Region of North America
- Launching Kanban and Scrum Agile project development
- Being a generally nice guy to lots of dependent and related teams

* SquareTrade

- Engineering Manager, CRM / SRE
- Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce
- Integration Lead: Service Depots and Payment Systems
- Primary Implementation: Shipping Management, Claims Resolution, Rapid Device Exchange Program
- Launched Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Program

* UC Berkeley Rescomp

- Web Applications Manager
- Managed Jr. Engineer Syndrome (everyone has the latest greatest rewrite)
- Mentored in project ownership and career development

* PalmSource

- Field Application Engineering Manager
- Mobile Web Service Engineer
- Sales Engineer and Integration Lead

* eWork

- Senior Software Engineer
- Database and Systems Administrator

* Workspeed

- Senior Software Engineer
- Core business logic implementation and launch
- Systems Administrator
- 24/7 On-call support

* eForce

- Technical Architect
- Financial Firm websites
- Startup build and launch
- Workforce Management solutions

* Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

- Computer Systems Engineer II
- Scientific data reporting
- Groundwater Seep Dispersion client software


dennis -l team -ae
    Runs Dennis in your project and gets it out the door.

dennis -o whisky
    Fun (and creative) times.


Send job req and request detailed resume via e-mail.


* Website:
* E-mail: dennis @ mojado dot org
* Phone: +1 415.766.8874
* LinkedIn: denmojo
* Github: denmojo
* Twitter: @denmojo

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